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Jan 2019

Thur 10th - The Stand, Edinburgh.

Fri 11th - The Stand, Edinburgh.

Sat 12th - The Stand, Edinburgh.

Thur 17th - Kings Head, 

Thur 24th - Pig Uglys, Belfast.

Mon 28th - WIP show, Rose & Crown.

Thur 31st - Billabong, Rochester.


Feb 2019

Fri 1st - The Mardyke, Cork.

Sat 2nd - The Mardyke, Cork.

Sun 3rd - Angel, Islington.

Mon 4th - Split WIP show, Rose & Crown, Kenish Town.

Wed 6th - Laverys, Belfast.

Wed 13th - Bear Funny, Finsbury Park.

Fri 15th - Covent Garden Comedy Club. 

Mon 18th - WIP show, Top Secret, Covent Garden.


March 2019

Sun 3rd - The Night Bus, Wood Green.

Mon 4th - Good Ship, 

Thur 14th - Funny Feckers, Camden.

Fri 15th - Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith.

Sat 16th - St Paddy Does Your Mum, Sex Standing Up, Vauxhall Comedy Club.. 

Thur 21st - Bring Your Own Baby, Redbridge Drama Centre.

Thur 28th - Pug Ulgys, Belfast.


April 2019

Thur 11th - Kings Head, Crouch End.

Thur 11th - Vauxhall Comedy Club.

Fri 12th - Roast Battle, The Bill Murray.

Mon 29th - Funny Feckers, Dean Swift. 


May 2019

Thur  2nd - The Stand, Edinburgh. 

Fri 3rd - The Stand, Edinburgh. 

Sat 4th - 4pm, Monkey Barrel.

Sat 4th - The Stand, Edinburgh. 

Sun 5th - The Stand, Edinburgh. 

Sun 5th - Monkey Barrel.

Thur 16th - Moooch About, Vauxhall Clomedy Club.

Fri 17th - The Poodle Club.

Thur 23rd - Floater 6:30 - 7:30pm (WIP) Vauxhall Comedy Club.


June 2019

Sat 8th - Camden Comedy Club.

Mon 10th - Top Secret, Covent Garden. 

Thur 13th - Floater @10pm, The Printworks, Hastings Fringe Festival.

Fri 21st - The Stand, Newcastle.

Sat 22nd - The Stand, Newcastle.

Sun 23rd - Laugh at the Lamb, The Lamb & Flag, Covent Garden.

Thur 27th - Mooch About, Vauxhall Comedy Club.

Thur 27th - Mustard Comedy, Brixton. 

Sat 29th - Funny Feckers, Camden.

Sat 29th - Camden Comedy Club, Camden.

Sun 30th - Angel Comedy Club, Camden Passage. 


July 2019

Mon 8th - Cherry Comedy, Whelans, Dublin.

" 8th - Crunch, Stags Head, Dublin.

Tues 9th - Edinburgh Preview (w / Martin Angola) The Cellar, Dublin.

Thur 11th - Funny Feckers, Camden.

" 11th - Cracking Wise, Kentish Town.

Sat 13th - (MC) Comp, Brentford.

Sat 27th - Camden Comedy Club, Camden.


Aug 2019

* 3rd - 25th - FLOATER @20:40 - 21:40pm, Carnivore, 208 Cowgate,

PBH Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival. 

The Best of Irish, The Stand - 9th, 22nd & (MC) 24th

Funny Feckers  - 3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th, 16th & 21st.

Masai's Monster show - 7th, 9th, 14th & 19th.

Colin Cadwicks - 8th, 15th, 22nd. 


Sept 2019

Sat 21st - Fat Frog Comedy Club, Colchester, Essex.


Oct 2019

Fri 4th - Floater, (1hr show) - Museum of Comedy, Holburn. 

Sun 6th - Laugh at the Lamb, The Lamb & Flag, Covent Garden. 


Nov 2019

Sat 2nd - Dalys, Omagh.

Thur 28th - (MC) Athens.





January 2020

2nd - The Stand, Glasgow.

3rd - The Stand, Glasgow.

4th - The Stand, Glasgow.



Jan 2018

Sat 6th - Longcourt Hotel, Newcastle West.

Mon 22nd - Outside the Box, Kingston, London. 

Wed 25th - Chuckle Deli, Lucas Arms, Kings Cross.

Sat 27th - Komedia, Funny Women, Brighton.

Sun 28th - Komedia, Brighton. 

Mon 29th - Pegasus, Kentish town.


Feb 2018

Wed 14th - Bear Funny, Finsbury Park.

wed 14th - Top Secret Comedy club

Thur 22nd - London Irish Centre, Hammersmith

Sat 17th - South Kensington Comedy Club.

Sat 24th - Olympia Theatre, Dublin (Katherine Ryan support)

Sun 25th - Ulster Hall, Belfast (Katherine Ryan Support)


March 2018

Thur 8th - London Irish Centre

Sat 17th Northdown, Kings Cross (6pm)

Sat 17th - Camden Comedy Club.

Mon 26th - The Comedy Store.

Mon 31st - Go West, South Kensington.


April 2018

Tue 3rd - Top Secret (opening 20)

Sat 14th - Go West, South Kensington

Tue 17th - Cafe Mode, Kentish Town

Wed 19th - Comedy Cafe

Thur 19th - London Irish Centre.


May 2018

Thur 31st - Hot Water, Liverpool.


June 2018

Sat 2nd - Angel, Bill Murray.

Thur 7th - Up The Creek.

Thur 14th - Funny Feckers, Camden.

Sat 16th - Go West, South Kensington.

Sat 23rd - Body & Soul Festival, Ireland. 

Mon 25th - The Stand, Edinburgh.

Tues 26th - The Stand, Glasgow.

Wed - The Stand, Newcastle.

Thur 28th - The Stags Head.


Aug 2018

Wed 8th - Best of Irish, The Stand, Newtown Theatre, Edinburgh

Wed 8th - (10pm) The Stand, Glasgow.

Thur 9th - Best of Irish, The Stand, Newtown Theatre, Edinburgh.

Thur 9th - Best of Red Raw, The Stand 3, Edinburgh.

Fri 9th - All together Irish, Dropkick Murphys, Edinburgh. 

Fri 10th - Best of Irish, The Stand, Newtown Theatre, Edinburgh.

Thur 16th - Backyard Comedy Club, Bethnal Green.

Thur 23rd - Up the Creek, Greenwich.

Thur 30th - Angel, Islington.


Sept 2018

Tues 4th - Top Secret Comedy Club.

Thur 6th - Funny Feckers, Camden.

Fri 7th - Revelation Church, (you read correctly) Ashford.

Mon 10th - Halarity Bites, Darlington.

Mon 24th - Top Secret Comedy Club

Tue 28th - Top Secret Comedy Club

Tues 3rd - Top Secret Comedy Club


Oct 2018

Thur 4th - Kings Head, 

Mon 8th - (MC) Whelans, Dublin.

Mon 22nd - Right Funny, Battersea. 

Sat 27th - Komedia, Brighton.


Nov 2018

Wed 14th - The Guilty Feminist, Camden head.

Thur 15th - Funny Fix, Camden.

Sat 17th - Top Secret Comedy Club (both shows)

Wed 21st - Dead Set Comedy, Lancaster Gate.

Mon 26th - Dean Swift, Butlers Warf.

Tues 27th - Tuesday Takeovers, Camden Head.

Thur 29th - ORA Bar, Monasteraki, Athens. 


Dec 2018

Thur 6th - Angel, Camden.

Wed 12th - Bear Funny, Finsbury Park. 



January 2017

Fri 13th - (1hour Show) Guiriness Comedy Festival, Barcelona.

Sun 22nd - Monroe's, Galway.

Tue 24th - International Bar, Cervical Cancer Awareness show. 

Fri 27th - Swallows, Clondalkin, Dublin.


Feb 2017

Sun 12th - International bar, Dublin.

Sun 12th - Comedy Crunch, Stags Head, Dublin.

Thur 23rd - Odd Mollies, Drogheda, Louth.

Fri 24th - Bray Festival.

Sun 26th - Bray Festival.


March 2017

Thur 2nd - (MC) Hapenny.

Fri 3rd - Chaplins Comedy Club, Dublin.

Sat 4th - Chaplins Comedy Club, Dublin.

Sun 5th - International Bar, Dublin. 

Thur 9th - Iternational Bar, Dublin. 

Fri 10th - International Bar, Dublin. 

Sat 11th - (both shows) International Bar, Dublin. 

Sat 11th - F Festival, Wigwam, Middle Abbey st, Dublin. 

Thur 16th - Tallaght, Dublin. 

Sat 25th - (New 1hour Show) Bogans Bar, Omagh.


April 2017

Tue 4th - Anseo, Camden St, Dublin.

Thur 6th - Mason's Comedy Club, Derry.

Thur 13th - (MC) Battle of the Axe, Hapenny, Dublin. 

Thur 20th - The Harbour Bar, Bray.

Tues 25th - The Cellar, Dublin.

Wed 26th -  Mothers & Babies gig, The Project, Temple Bar. 

Sat 29th - Wexford Festival.

Sun 30th - International bar, Dublin.

Sun 30th - Comedy Crunch, Stags Head pub, Dublin. 


May 2017

Fri 12th - The Glee Club, Birmingham.

Thur 18th - The International bar, Dublin.

Fri 19th - The International bar, Dublin.

Sat 20th - (both shows) International bar, Dublin.


June 2017

Sun 18th - The Workmans 

Sun 18th - The International Bar, Dublin.

Sat 24th - 2pm, Body & Soul Festival.

Tue 27th - Crown the Knave, Balham, London. 

Thur 29th - Memoirs of a Geezer, Whatney, London.


July 2017

Thur 6th - Funny feckers, Camden, London.

Thur 20th - Brewery Comedy, High Wycombe, London.

Mon 24th - Candlelit Comedy, The 10 Bells, Brick Lane, London. 


Aug 2017

Sun 6th - Indiependance festival, Cork.

Mon 7th - Woolshed, Parnell st, Dublin. 

Mon 7th - The Bowery, Rathmines, Dublin.

Mon 7th - Pop the Cherry, Whelans. 

Thur 10th - Memoirs of a Geezer, Shadwell, London.

Wed 16th - Bear Funny, FinsburyPark, London. 

Fri 18th - Hat Factory, Luton, London. 

Thur 24th - Backyard Comedy, London. 

Fri 25th - The International Bar, Dublin.

Sat 26th - Early & Late show, The International Bar, Dublin.


Sept 2017

Wed 6th - Old Ram Brewery, Wandsworth, London. 

Thur 7th - Enniskillen, N.Ire.

Fri 8th - Bogans, Omagh, N.Ire.

Sat 16th - Fine ale brewery, Twickenham, London.

Mon 25th - The Phoenix Artist Club, Covent Garden, London.

Wed 27th - Bear Funny, Finsbury Park, London.


Oct 2107

Mon 2nd - The Laughing Boy Club, Pizza Express, Holborn.

Thur 5th - Prestwood, High Wycombe.

Tues 17th - The Boat Show Comedy, Embankment, London.

Wed 25th - Brewery Comedy, Amersham, 

Thur 26th - Ckuckle Deli, Lucas Arms, Kings Cross.

Fri 27th - The Laughing Boy Club, Wimbledon.


November 2017

Fri 3rd - Glee, Cardiff, Wales.

Sun 12th - Angel, Islington.

Wed 15th - Leighton Buzzard. 

Thur 16th - Jonny the Fox, Hammersmith.

Fri 17th - Komedia, Crawley.

Sat 25th - Museum of Comedy, Bloomsbury.

Tues 28th - Backyard, Bethnal Green. 

Wed 29th - We Got Wood, Brick Lane, London.

Thur 30th - Funny Feckers, Camden.


December 2017

Wed 6th - (Both shows) Top Secret Comedy Club

Sat 9th - The Silverburch Hotel, Omagh. 

Tues 12th - Cirque Comedy, Shoreditch.

Sat 23rd - Bring Your Own Baby, Bromley